Business Plan Update 2018

Business Plan Release

5/11/2018 1620 - You may now downlaod the Airports Business Plan Update as part of the HLUET 5/17 packet here: It starts on page 126.

Meeting Schedule

As part of the outreach to airport users and the neighbors around the airports, county staff will be holding a series of public meetings to discuss the process, listen to your thoughts and ideas and hear your concerns. We have set up different meetings for different groups of individuals, but each of these meetings in completely open to the public. You are welcome to attend any of them.

  • August 16th, , HLUET
    meeting start time is 10:00 a.m.
    70 West Hedding, San Jose, CA

  • September TBD, Board of Supervisors
    meeting start time is 9:30 a.m.
    70 West Hedding, San Jose, CA

For past meeting schedule click here

Meeting Documents

May 22nd and May 23rd Meeting Slides

May 23rd Meeting Flyer, English and Spanish

May 22nd Meeting Flyer, English and Spanish and Vietnamese

March 1 Meeting Summary

March 1 meeting sllides

Handouts from the March 1 meeting CAAPSO and SJSU Open House and Civil Air Patrol

Letter from Anissa M. containing recommendations for the Business Plan Update 02/23/18

March Meeting Announcement

March Meeting Media Advisory

Questions asked at RHV 1/23 and E16 1/25 Public Meetings

January and February Publc Meeting Slides

Meeting Flyer

Aviation Consultant Scope of Work

Board of Supervisors Report 12/05/17

HLUET Report 11/16/2017

Airport Commission Report 11/06/17

Board of Supervisors Report 05/00/17

Dear Friends Letter from Michael Murdter to explain decision on FAA grant acceptance

The current Business Plans are found in chapter 6 of the Master Plan
Reid-Hillview Master Plan
San Martin Master Plan

Business Plan Reports

Kitchell Facility Report 2018
Aries Consultants LTD report
Appraisal Reports
- RHV FBO Property
- RHV Swift Avenue Property
- RHV Little League Fields
- RHV North West Corner of Tully and Capitol
- RHV North West Corner of Swift Ave and Swift Lane
- E16 Lions Club
- E16 FBO Property

FY18 Approved Budget
Fuel Flowage History
2000 RHV Terminal Building Facility Report
2000 RHV Swift Building Facility Report
Airport Occupance Report
Airport Opertaions Count 1968-2017
Past Grant Activity

Property Release Request 02-26-2015
Response 2015 04-02-2015
2nd Release Request 09-15-2016

Written Public Input

Tom P 06-15
Jerry B 06-12
CAAPSO 06-05
Bud B. 06-04
Joel W. 05-15
Paul M. 05-15
Annisa M. 05-31
Danny 05-22

Dave G. 04-14

Bud B. 04-03
Winter Faith Collabrative 03-20
Candice N 03-01
Bryson D 03-01
Dave G. 03-01
Saleed B. 03-01
Anissa M. 02-23