SCRA: Waiting Lists
Santa Clara County Airports maintains waiting lists for hangars, shelters, and tie-down aircraft parking spaces at our airports when demand exceeds supply. Currently there are open tie-downs at RHV, and open Tie-Downs and Hangars at E16. To find the status of avaliable hangars and shelters at RHV, please call the Airport Operations Office. Due to the quickly changing nature of the exisiting waiting lists, we are no longer posting them on the website.

Costs are associated with the rental of space, as well as joining the waiting list. A non-refundable annual Waiting List Maintenance Fee is required to maintain a position on the waiting list along with a fully refundable deposit. The amounts are listed in Section C of the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

To sign up on a waiting list, you will need to complete the waiting list application, which can be found on our website's Documents page.